Content Writing

Why is this? Well it comes down to three basic reasons :

  • Search Engine Results are Driven by Good Content

    Google looks at content on your website so it can be indexed properly within search. They do this by having invisible “spiders” crawl the backend of your website to look for relevancy, quality, backlinks, and blogs and/or articles that may be embedded into your website. The only way your business can be indexed properly is by great, relevant content that is also keyword rich. Keywords that pertain to your industry help with your natural organic ranking online so if you want to be found higher on Google, you need to use the appropriate keywords and have them placed correctly throughout. Tons of great relevant in-depth content that attracts consumers and Google is what you not only need but should want as well.

  • The Content Needs to be Readable and Make Sense

    Writing in big words and using big terminology isn’t helpful if it doesn’t pertain to the reader. It’s important to write in the voice and style of your customers and clients within your industry. But that doesn’t mean the writing shouldn’t be well-written. We do recommend hiring a content writer to write your copy if you aren’t a good writer to begin with. A website with poorly written content is just as bad as a website with too much over-the-top content. It needs to be engaging, interesting, not too wordy, and make sense. Don’t add too many keywords just try to rank for SEO purposes either. Google will pick right up on that and not rank you higher. Write for humans and write like a human.

  • Think About What Your Target Audience Wants to Read

    To get your target audiences attention, you need to write to and for them. Make it as easy and simple for your clients to find what they’re looking for. You don’t want to lose prospective business because they can’t find what they’re looking for. Write about the things your prospective audience cares about. Break up the content with graphics and images to keep it aesthetically interesting.

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