Responsive WordPress Websites

We build all our websites in responsive design. This means your site can be viewed from any monitor whether it is a mobile phone, a desktop computer screen, or tablet.

Responsive websites provide the optimal viewing experience that automatically resizes and reformats to fit the screen it’s being viewed from. Since 4 billion people in this world use a mobile phone, it’s necessary that your site be built to adapt to fit a mobile screen. In 2013, statistics showed that more people searched the internet from their mobile phone than from a computer screen. You need to be where your clients are.

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    Mobile Search Increases Growth in Sales

    When a consumer searches for a business on their mobile phone, they are trying to learn more about the business and what people are saying about it. It’s true that 9 out of 10 searches on mobile phones result in action and more than half of those who act end up buying the good or service they were searching for. Mobile is where it’s at.

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    Quick Results

    An internet search done on a mobile device leads to quick action. Studies show that 70% of all mobile searches for a business leads to client action in 1 hour or less. That number is huge and shows exactly why you need your site to be responsive.

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    Mobile Search is Local

    Most people that own a smartphone, 95% to be exact, use their mobile device to look up information on a local business. 61% of those consumers called the local business they were searching and 59% of those that called visited the business shortly thereafter.

Having a responsive website opens up a world of opportunity for your business to be found by new consumers that are looking for the goods and services your business offers. If your site is not responsive, your site can freeze up when viewed from a mobile device or tablet and it can be a real pain for the potential client to resize the screen and make it readable. If it’s not responsive, the potential client can be become frustrated and leave your site to find a local competitor that has a responsive site that is easy to read and navigate through.

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