Do you want to gain a higher page rank through fair and ethical practices that are encouraged and praised by Google? We can make it happen. At SK Marketing, we are experts in all things related to search engine optimization (SEO). To rank higher on Google and other search engines so your website is more visible to people who are looking for your goods and services, we follow the latest condoned practices and will cover all the SEO bases to increase your organic ranking.

  • Having the appropriate number of keywords

    You don’t want to have too little (Google won’t find you or index you properly) or too many (Google will penalize you). Our content writers know how to create content for SEO purposes and make it engaging to the consumer

  • Target the right audience at a local or larger scale

    Depending on who and where you want to target, SEO can focus on a specific area and target market that is looking for your products and/or services

  • Great content

    “Content is king.” Creating engaging, readable, common sense content is vital to strong SEO. Google sends invisible “spiders” on the backend of each website to make sure there isn’t duplicate content, the content is readable, there’s the correct amount of keywords, and more.

  • Having a solid social media presence

    Google is now taking into account what people are talking about online. This means they’re checking social media platforms for comments and reviews. If your business isn’t social on social media, you need to be for SEO purposes, in addition to having a personal connection with your target audience.

  • A solid visitors’ user experience

    You don’t want to have a high bounce rate from your website. That means you don’t want consumers coming to your website and bouncing off quickly or Google will take notice and not rank you high organically. You want consumers to have a solid user experience and stay on your website for a longer amount of time and visit different pages. If Google reads that consumers are reading various pages of content on your site and staying on long enough to be engaged, that increases your SEO.

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