Quality Content for Your Website

Jul 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

If you haven’t heard it before, we’ll say it right now. Quality content is critical to the success of your website. “Content is king,” is still a popular saying in the internet and SEO world and doesn’t seem to fading out anytime soon. Google’s algorithm for how websites get ranked constantly changes but they are making one thing clear: Have great unique content for your business and focus less on specific keywords and link-building. Quality content is extremely important and relevant for your website.

Utilizing specific keywords in website content used to be one of the top practices among SEO experts but no longer is. Google is all about content, content, content! And good content at that. Google is becoming smarter to what is good content vs bad content and will rank websites higher on their search engine that have great copywriting. This is even being realized by companies that used to higher writers from overseas that didn’t have the best grammar or writing skills but could be hired at a cheap rate and get content done quickly. These companies are now turning to professional writers that are educated in writing and proficient in the English language – Yes, these writers are more expensive but worth every penny. Companies are guaranteed great content that Google is looking for and that will make their websites stand out.

For those of you that still think having tons of links on your website is what will drive your website, times are changing. Google wants to see quality content more than links overload. Having good content on your site requires more work and know-how than link-building does which is why Google is making good content so vital to the success of your website. Regularly updated content to a site holds a huge amount of weight compared to link-building.
Not only will great content on your site help you rank higher on search engines, it will also be appreciated by your potential customers. Customers want to learn as much about your business in a short amount of time so having great content that is to the point, clear, and concise will more than likely turn your lead into a customer. And every business wants to convert leads to new business, right?

Don’t ever try to fake good content or plagiarize from another site. Google is smarter than that and can spot shady practices from miles away. Great content is more than just having good content and a blog page on your site. YouTube and Vimeo videos, social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and press releases all contribute to great content. Having an all-around strong internet presence for your business will truly help you rank higher and be found easier on search engines like Google.

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